“Do Nothing”
Meditation Retreat

Recharge With this Simple, Powerful Technique
and Feel Calmer and More Peaceful in Everyday Life

Photo by Anna Pasquarella

Sunday July 28th 2019, 9:00am- 4pm

1111 Carlisle Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
(in the New Mexico School of Yoga)

“Do nothing” meditation is a simple life-changing technique, and an alternative to the “put the brakes on the mind chatter” approach that other forms of meditation rely on. With this practice, you’ll feel calmer and less the effect of the “talker” in your head, anxious or worrying thoughts become less bothersome, creative solutions come to mind more naturally, and as a result there is a greater sense of well being.


Tea, snacks and a light lunch will be provided.

What to bring:  Mats are available but for your own comfort you might want to bring a pillow and a blanket.

What other’s say:

“I felt the same kind of peace that you feel with normal meditation. But it was easier to get there.” Steve.Dexter Park Do Nothing Meditation Retreat

“I lay down after the class yesterday and just let my thoughts run… I realized there was far less of a duel going on between the chatty voices and the part of my mind trying to control or fix them. Very interesting! There was a new peace there that I haven’t really felt in a while.” Lucy

“You know, I’ve been thinking about my mind and all of the things you and others teach for so long, but there was something that clicked when I tried this technique. All the theory you talk about just slotted into place.”

What to expect:

  • Introduction to the habits of the mind that keep us from feeling peaceful.
  • Learn how doing nothing is different (and easier!) than traditional meditation and mindfulness, and how to use it to stimulate calm, generate ideas, boost creativity and deepen intimacy in relationships.
  • Group discussion.
  • Extended personal practice.


Tell me more about “Doing Nothing” meditation? Why should I take a course on it?

The “Do Nothing” meditation is where you sit (or lie) without distractions like reading or writing, checking your phone, or talking. Unlike other meditations where you try and control your thoughts, for instance, by watching your breathing, with the “do nothing” meditation, you just let them run. Another difference with this practice is that you don’t have to remain sitting in a rigid position—it’s okay to get up and move about.

As simple as it sounds, the effects can be profound and not always comfortable. When you first try it you’ll probably have a lot of questions. Learning in a group setting allows us to share and learn through other people’s experiences.

When you “do nothing”—whether it’s for a few minutes a day or for a few hours—you start to naturally see your thoughts for what they are. A block of time like we have in this retreat is great for experiencing the subtlety of the meditation so you can use it in everyday life.

I’m not very good at meditation, will this work for me?

Yes. Many of the challenges experienced with other meditation techniques—like keeping your mind focused on one thing or setting aside time to sit motionless in a quiet place—aren’t an issue with this practice. You can do it anywhere, you don’t need to do anything, in fact the practice is more about letting go of trying. Yet the effects are at least as powerful as other types of meditation.

What happens after I register?

After you register you’ll receive a welcome email. If you don’t receive this within a couple of hours, please email me at lisa@lisaesile.com. (Check your spam folder first.)

How did you come to learn this?

A few years ago, as a way to heal and re-balance, I spent the better part of a year “doing nothing,”  in a small village in my home country of New Zealand. I did it under the guidance of long time friend and retired psychologist, Don Morrison. (You can read more about how that came about here!) It’s impossible for me to overstate the impact this understanding has had on my life. I was fortunate to have someone guide me and that’s what I’d like to do for you.

Please email me, lisa@lisaesile.com, if you have any questions.

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