How to Break Bad Habits: The No Willpower Approach (Video Interview)

Do you struggle with some kind of habit you’d like to break? Do you over indulge in food or wine, or spend hours online? Do you compulsively shop or feel consumed by self doubt? Or do you do any one of a thousand other unwanted habits? This week I talked to Dr Amy Johnson, author […]

4 Tips to Finishing Creative Projects For People Who Find Finishing Hard

On Being Courageous

So for this week’s inspiration, I thought it’d be fun to see what my Reach Your Big Calm inspiration cards had to say. (I’m choosing one now) … And it is: Happy courage to you! And you know, being courageous doesn’t always mean DOING something. Sometimes it just means hunkering down and getting through whatever […]

The All-Time Best Book on How to Overcome Creative Blocks and Tell Your Inner Critic To Go Jump In A Polluted Lake

For the past month Franco and I have been holed up in Julian writing a book—working title, WHOSE MIND IS IT ANYWAY. It’s no exaggeration to say we are somewhat over the moon about this. Do you have something you love to do more than anything? This is it for me. But it’s still challenging […]

Some Special News I Want to Share With You …

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The Art of Mistakes: Lessons From Self Publishing

Have you ever promised something, not delivered, and found yourself apologizing, a lot? Or taken on a project and found yourself hanging onto the ledge of this wasn’t what I expected? In this blog I really try to put out the best material I can, even if this means taking two months to write an […]

5 Tips to Feeling Lighthearted Over the Holidays For People Who Find Holidays Hard

(This is a Christmas centered article. Please substitute whatever ritualistic holiday/family gathering pertains to you. These ideas still work!) Do you struggle with the holiday season? I do. I feel conflicted about the commercialism of Christmas. And I don’t know how many times I’ve gone home for the holidays thinking, this year I’m going to […]

5 Tips For Genuine Contentment That Fly in the Face of the Positivity Movement (Pt 2)

Did you read it? Part One, I mean. If you haven’t, you might want to take a few moments to look now. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Even though I think you’ll enjoy it. See how bossy I’m not being? It’s because I want to talk about the positivity movement, and how bossy […]

The Positivity Hoax: How the Science of Happiness Got it Wrong (Pt 1)

Ever wanted to punch a positivity junkie in the head? Me neither. That would be mean. But I can see why you might be tempted. In 2000, the American Psychologist, devoted its millennial issue to positive psychology. Fourteen years, and hundreds of books, studies, programs and websites later, ARGHHH. Enough already. Sometimes it’s easy to […]

Dr Amy Johnson on Psychology, Spirituality, Bad Moods and How to Find Your Way

Have you met Dr Amy Johnson? Amy is one of my favorite psychologists. I spoke to her last week. We talked about all sorts, including: Why a lot of traditional self help can leave you feeling worse Anxiety—Amy shares her own personal story about how she used to have severe panic attacks and how by […]

The War on Email

I am constantly challenged by email. On the one hand, I love it! I am subscribed to all sorts of interesting people. Almost everything I learn online comes to me through email. I love hearing from people who read my work. And it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends. The problem is, […]