The Weird Story of my Year of Silence (Plus a Lazy Person’s Guide to Meditation)

Are you busy? Because this article has got out of hand. Just counted—it’s 5,000 words. Isn’t that like a book or something? And it includes stories about my enchanted homeland of New Zealand (kidding about the enchanted part). And I talk about how my parents tried to give me away because I was so embarrassing […]

Is Your Anger Messing Up Your Relationship?

Anger is a curious thing. We all know what it’s like to feel annoyed with someone close to us. To have the ensuing conversation “not go well.” Or to do or say things we regret. We never want this to happen. Yet it easily can. And why is it so hard to express yourself. What […]

The Biggest Lie About Music Since Milli Vanilli

Something big happened recently. So big it made me cry. Was I crying because my cat died, or because someone yelled at me or I stubbed my toe? No. No. And no. I was crying because I’d just realized I’d spent 40 years falsely believing I was “a non-musical.” A “non-musical” is a person who […]

Wanted! Calm and Focused Mind.

Do you ever feel anxious or scattered or in some way disconnected from yourself? Do you have a tendency to over-think things and find yourself caught up in knots, unsure what to do next? It happens to me from time to time. It’s like my tempo gets messed up, musically speaking – I’m playing at […]

The Thing About Mean People

(This article is by Dr Amy Johnson) I don’t believe there are mean people. There are wounded people who appear mean. And there are insecure people who appear mean. And yet, it’s not like I remember this all the time or apply to everyone I meet. It’s easy to have compassion for some people and […]

The Trick to Reprogramming Your Mind

I received this question the other day I am serious about wanting to “reprogram” my subconscious mind so that those silly, self-limiting beliefs hit the road. So far, I’ve found this to be down right tricky since most effort is from the conscious mind…. Do you have any suggestions for tools/techniques that target getting behind […]

The Ultimate Guide to Having Your First 1000 Visitors!

A couple of weeks ago the number of people who downloaded my 7 Secrets Book passed 1,000! Woo hoo! See the comma. Part of me feels nervous telling you this. As if I’m somehow shattering the myth of  the Lisa Esile empire. Like, maybe you thought I already had two comma’s. Tee hee. But to […]

3 Reason’s to Stop Worrying About Negative Thoughts

Want to know my new thing? Rollerblading. I’ve just been out ‘for a blade.’ Woohoo! Headwind and all. It was my third trip out by myself … and I’m happy to report there were no embarrassing spills and I was halfway up the boardwalk before I realized I’d forgotten my myriad of knee pads, arm […]

How to Feel Good By Thinking of Your Mind as a Banana

Do you ever get caught up in your thoughts and feel resentful or fearful – or some other feeling you don’t like? I do from time to time. Yep. No doubt there. Here’s a simple trick that helps me feel better: Take this piece of ginger root, and this banana.   The ginger is you […]

A New Year’s Prayer of Thanks

It’s the second day of the New Year, and I’m sitting up in bed in an old shirt, drinking parsley tea, remembering two nights ago at midnight. A group of us were down at the beach flying Chinese Lanterns when my husband called out “Thank you 2012,” to which someone else responded, “Good riddance 2012!”  […]

What Children can Teach Us About Trusting Our Intuition

Last year my five year old niece wanted a sled for Christmas. Now Santa probably gets thousands of requests for a sled, but how many does he get from children in New Zealand? Christmas in New Zealand is a time for barbeques and beach days. It doesn’t even snow in winter where Sophie lives. One […]