The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Awesome and Ultimate All the Time

You know how to feel calm sometimes, right?

But how can you do it more? How do you feel calm ALL the time? Read this book to find out the surprising secret to having more moments of calm.

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  1. Wonderful as always Elise. Thank you. In common with others my age I notice errors. Sorry! there’s an extra ‘s’ on ‘mean’. If you’re bothered. Which you’re probably, healthily not. Keep these gems coming. :-)

  2. Katie JaNe says:

    Awesome! Thank you xxx

  3. Hi Lisa!!!
    I always love your fun quirky writing and this little booklet is adorable! (is there a way to click ‘back’ if you miss a page?)
    The trick is not to beat yourself up about the rain… I hear you on that one!!!! XOXO thanks for putting all this wonderfullness out there

    • Hi Illana, good question about going “back” – there isn’t a way that I know of, but it would be handy. Will look into that for the next one. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Bonita Devauld says:

    So cute! Lisa, I love your drawings, your writing style and your message. You are truly an inspiration; ultimate and awesome!

  5. Great little book – loved the flipping pages. You are definitely awesome today!

  6. Love how you write and how incredibly creative and engaging you are in sharing such gems of wisdom. Thank you!!!

  7. Sereena says:

    Love ya work Lisa! As usual, full of wisdom and commonsense. Thank you so much for putting your work out into the world, it always makes me feel better.

  8. Matthias says:

    Sun after Rain. And the Rain is so important to let things grow…… It’s really all about that. The fundamental things apply….as time goes by….thx Lisa….all the best from Berlin, Germany…

  9. Hi Lisa
    Great job, such simple thoughts that we forget can put a smile on peoples faces, including mine :)

  10. Hi Lisa

    Great job, such simple thoughts that we forget can put a smile on peoples faces, including mine :)


  11. Hey Lisa that’s awesome and beautiful.. I just have to glue the book to my forehead and remember to read it when feeling pukey.. As opposed to my usual thing of running round resisting it. The resisting is so habitual.!!!! i love how simple is your book and I love love love the pictures.
    Thanks Stella xxx

    • Love the image of you feeling pukey and having a book taped to your forehead! It is easy to resist it though, I know what you mean. The good thoughts/feelings feel so much more, well, good! Pleased you like the pictures! I love drawing them – it’s always fun for me when one comes out looking vaguely like what I intended. Thanks for your note:) Lisa.

  12. Hi Lisa, Thanks for your super cute book. I always walk away with something to think and smile about. When you feel bad you try and jam something good over the top that makes you feel worse. I shall let myself spew freely now :) Thanks xo

  13. ALEJANDRA says:

    this is sooooo adorable i love ittttt !!!!

  14. Sweet, to the point, so right on! Thank you Lisa! Love your work.

  15. Thanks love found this at just the right time, feeling awesome again :)

  16. Hi Lisa,
    I have loved reading this book whenever I am feeling a bit pukey brain over the last couple of weeks! You just have a way of making everything so clear and simple. Thank you for your wisdom, humour and mad art skillz.

  17. I love this so much…i have days where i feel not so awesome and i really am to hard on myself about it and think way to much about it!!…this made me feel great reading this…its ok to not feel so awesome sometimes…we are only human! =)

    • Hi Joanne,
      Yeah, being hard on yourself can really compound the initial non-awesome feeling. I think this is a natural tendency we all have but has been compounded by all the messages nowadays telling us that “being positive” is the only right way to be. When in truth, we all have ups and downs. Pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for saying hi!

  18. Lisa, I don’t know where to begin telling you how much I love your work. I LOVE your authenticity, and your clarity. Thank you so, so, so, so, SO much!

    much love,

  19. Thank you, sweetheart. My life is kind of a chaotic thing just now and reading your goofy, accurate and lovely things help a lot. Thanks!

  20. just read your 7 secrets book for the 4th time in 24 hours. i have been in a really dark place for some time now and desperate for a way forward.Your little book has shone a bright light on what my mind has been doing to me and I can’t thank you enough.I know there are more bad times to come but i now have some tools to make it easier like doing nothing and accepting.Thanks again Lisa keep up the great work love your blog too.I live in England but feel quite close to you (in a spiritual way that is). I would be interested to know about your curled up on the sofa year if you ever get time. thanks again Les

    • Hi Les,

      Thanks so much for your note. Sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. Never fun. So often we emerge in a better place than before – but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s rat-shit (excuse my language) unpleasant while we’re in it! And yes, England is quite close – the New Zealand thing, perhaps. I also think, those of us who have had a tough time, can relate. A very spiritual process.

      A big hug and lots of kind and best wishes from me

      PS: I’m just putting the finishing touches to an article which talks about my time “on the sofa”. It started as a small article and now has, like 300 drawings (exaggerating, there are only 60). Anyway, should be published in the next week or two. Your comment comes at a perfect time. It’s 6am and I’ve got up early to work on it. Hearing from you gives me someone to think of as I write the article! So thank you!

      • Thanks for your reply Lisa it’s good to have someone to relate to and your little book has been a huge help to me. I have felt much better since I read it. (5 times so far and counting). Can’t wait to hear your sofa story so I’d better let you get on with it.thanks again look forward to hearing from you soon hugs from les

    • I too look forward to the year on the sofa.The dark place is unnerving, Les. Hang in there, mate. it’s interesting when you can let some decent people know helpful wisdom and support can come your way like a guiding hand ( spiritual grace). You’re not entirely alone in a dark place. Sunny rays from Australia !

  21. Jann Stauffacher says:

    Oh dear Lisa, you have done it again. Reiterating how our bossy pukey minds can play those
    mean little tricks on us and what we can do about it. I love your ‘back door’ idea what a perfect
    concept.. and usable.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a funfunfun way … so uplifting are your words and
    adorable artwork. Yey.
    Many blessings and warm love coming your way!

  22. kehinde Ahmed says:

    send me a copy of your book please

  23. Hi Lisa,

    Your blog is awesome! I’ve been reading your posts over the past week or so and they have really helped. I especially enjoyed this one, the illustrations in all of the posts are cool:) thank you for sharing your thoughts, please continue to do so!

  24. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful articles :)

  25. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks very much for creating this wonderful book – my sister shared it with me at a time that I needed to read it. I really connected with it and shared it with some other friends who I think will enjoy it too!

    In my opinion, your book has a very friendly feel to it, particularly because of the writing style, and also because of the font and the pictures. May I ask a more technical question? If you wouldn’t mind sharing, is there any particular software that you used to create the book that had useful font/image-creating features in it? The reason I ask is that I have started writing and would ideally like to publish in a similar e-book format – so it would be great to know of any software (ideally free as I’m starting out at this) which you would recommend which has cool features such as interesting fonts and allows you to create drawings.

    Reading your e-books and blog posts – especially the ‘Tips to Genuine Contentment’ and the post about your year of silence have left me with good feelings. Thanks again for writing in such a fun, genuine and authentic way :)

    A big hug,


    • You’re very welcome=)
      I use a mixture of tools. The font is one I made myself. This is very easy to do and costs about $10. Google “make your own font” and you’ll find it I’m sure. I can’t remember what it’s called. The main software I use is the Adobe Creative Suite—I draw in Photoshop and put together books and slideshows using Indesign. If all you have is Word, you can probably make that work too. There are free drawing programs too. Sometimes the restrictions we have can inform the work in wonderful ways. Hope that helps! Best of luck!

      • Thanks very much for the ideas Lisa, I’ll look into it. All the best to you too and hope you keep enjoying doing what you do (including nothing, of course) :)

  26. Laura Bentley says:

    Once again you’ve put together an AWESOME little slide show that has made my day.
    I’m working on accepting my pukey feelings and smiling bright!

    thank youuu!!!

  27. You’re so welcome=) Thank YOU for saying hi!!

  28. ramachandrasekaran says:

    u r doing a good job. what u told is a practical side of life.Many indian seers
    also advised on this aspect of life thro’ vedas. Having said all this unless in one’s
    horoscope 5th house,the thought process representing previous birth’s karma
    is not free from defects/impurities such repetition/torture by pukey thought stuff ‘ve to be endured. NO ESCAPE.

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