Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Book Trailer

Look what Franco and I just finished!

A 2 minute animated video for our book, A.K.A. why we haven’t left the apartment in three weeks.

More info at our new, Franco and Lisa website.

We hope you enjoy it!

Lisa and Franco

PS: Do you have a favorite scene? I’m torn between the heart’s entrance and the Amazing things happen band. Or the mind and his puppets.

A note about pre-orders—For authors, they’re key. If you’re thinking of ordering the book anyway, they create a buzz among booksellers, media and readers and can really help boost a new book and get it noticed. Please know that your support is received with our profound appreciation and excitement to have you along on this adventure.

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  1. I love your video! 🙂 <3

  2. Kudos to you and Franco!! Loved the scene where mind jumps over the woman! Can’t wait to receive your book!! Thank you for all of your work, Lisa.

    • That’s a cute one isn’t it. Sure feels like that sometimes too! Thank you so much for your support. We really are so grateful:))

  3. Helene, Art teacher, Canada says

    Great simple video…..We have good days and bad days……I volunteer with people with mental and developmental challenges by providing them a safe environment to do art (whatever that means) in all its forms. When I can assemble enough pennies, I shall try to purchase one of deck of cards. Keep up the great work. You inspire me…. helene

  4. What wonderful work you do. Creating things really does make us feel good, I’m sure you must see the benefits all the time.

  5. Once again, Lisa!!!! Magnificent, totally fun and enticing. So happy and inviting! I love the video. More, more and a good lead in to your new book!!! Yay. Thank you for sharing your love and light with the world. xo Sarah

  6. So glad you posted this on your blog. I had a watch yesterday and just loved it: words, pictures, music, and I wanted to let you know and now I have. I’m sure I will watch it many times and ‘see’ something different each time, sometimes with my mind, sometimes with my heart and sometimes with both together. One thing that struck me is how it shows the mind’s propensity to wind up our anxieties, it’s constantly trying to work things out and drowning out the wisdom of our heart. And what I love is showing how integrating both can lead to a more fulfilling life. Just beautiful. Thank you and wishing you both every success with your book and the subsequent journey.

    • You’re so right about our mind winding us up and drowning out our wisdom. Such a loud little, over anxious talker. One thing that Franco and I like about the mind character we came up with (and it took us a while, ha, that’s an idea, I could show you the versions that didn’t make it), is that he’s so sweet looking. Because even though our mind’s drive us crazy, and are the thing that makes us feel bad when we feel bad, our mind means well! It’s really trying to help us. I don’t know about you, but I really like that. Makes it easy to be gentle on myself. Thanks so much for saying hi and for your warm wishes—they are very much appreciated!

  7. I love it! The band was so cute! Loved the brain and heart holding hands too. Very excited for the book <3 xx

    • It’s like cuteness squared, isn’t it. Those little characters doing all the moves, and holding hands. I’ve watched it so many times (so many that the soundtrack is the background music to most of my dreams at the moment), and even though we created it, it still makes me feel good. Thanks so much for your support!

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