Dr Amy Johnson on Psychology, Spirituality, Bad Moods and How to Find Your Way

Interview with Dr Amy Johnson

Have you met Dr Amy Johnson? Amy is one of my favorite psychologists. I spoke to her last week. We talked about all sorts, including: Why a lot of traditional self help can leave you feeling worse Anxiety—Amy shares her own personal story about how she used to have severe panic attacks and how by [...]

The War on Email

Cartoon about email

I am constantly challenged by email. On the one hand, I love it! I am subscribed to all sorts of interesting people. Almost everything I learn online comes to me through email. I love hearing from people who read my work. And it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends. The problem is, [...]

The Weird Story of my Year of Silence and Finding Inner Peace (Plus a Lazy Person’s Guide to Meditation)

Being silent while dressed as a princess

Are you busy? Because this article has got out of hand. Just counted—it’s 5,000 words. Isn’t that like a book or something? And it includes stories about my enchanted homeland of New Zealand (kidding about the enchanted part). And I talk about how my parents tried to give me away because I was so embarrassing [...]

How Irritability Can Mess Up A Relationship: The Only Guide to Managing Anger You’ll Ever Need

kissing couple

Anger is a curious thing. We all know what it’s like to feel annoyed with someone close to us. To have the ensuing conversation “not go well.” Or to do or say things we regret. We never want this to happen. Yet it easily can. And why is it so hard to express yourself. What [...]

The Problem With (Some) Books About Enlightenment

Books About Enlightenment

A poem . . . . So I don’t find all books about enlightenment irritating -  just the ones trying to convince me I have to become enlightened to be a better person or save the planet or anything stupid like that. (I was going through some old blog posts this morning and found this [...]

On How to Feel Awesome and Ultimate ALL THE TIME!

The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Awesome and Ultimate

The question I get asked the most is, “I know how to feel calm sometimes, but how do I do it more? How can I feel calm ALL the time?” This is my answer… (It’s also one of my favorite little books that I’ve written. I hope you enjoy it!) [Show picture list]   *** [...]

The Biggest Lie About Music Since Milli Vanilli

guitar shop

Something big happened recently. So big it made me cry. Was I crying because my cat died, or because someone yelled at me or I stubbed my toe? No. No. And no. I was crying because I’d just realized I’d spent 40 years falsely believing I was “a non-musical.” A “non-musical” is a person who [...]

3 Unconventional Tips for Forgiving and Letting Go


Forgiveness is good thing to do right? Let go of anger and resentment and all that. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people tell me this. And it’s true. Sort of. But have you ever wanted to “forgive” someone . . . but when it comes down to it, you just can’t? You [...]

Wanted! Calm and Focused Mind.

Dear Mind2

Do you ever feel anxious or scattered or in some way disconnected from yourself? Do you have a tendency to over-think things and find yourself caught up in knots, unsure what to do next? It happens to me from time to time. It’s like my tempo gets messed up, musically speaking – I’m playing at [...]

The Thing About Mean People

Mean People Image

(This article is by Dr Amy Johnson) I don’t believe there are mean people. There are wounded people who appear mean. And there are insecure people who appear mean. And yet, it’s not like I remember this all the time or apply to everyone I meet. It’s easy to have compassion for some people and [...]

3 Ways to Feel Good When Things Seem Bad


  Things happen sometimes. Big gnarly things. That make us cry and feel bad. And sometimes change our lives. The question is: how do you get through these times in the easiest way possible? I went through such a time not too long ago.  It lasted a while, so I was able to take notes:) [...]