Check out the chick in the silver Ford Mustang …

Been thinking about praying recently, which reminds me of this poem
which I always have somewhere around me –
like on my wall (if I have a wall), or as a screensaver.
praying and knowing.
Speaking of poetry,
I found a poetry gig in LA –
open mic tomorrow night at Da Poetry Lounge
in Hollywood
(would you believe)
which me and my New Zealand ass
are going to get along to.
And when I say get along to
I mean drive to in my fancy Ford Mustang
(it was all the rental car people had left)
and aside from freaking out about driving
in LA
on the other side of the road
for the first time
It’s cool.
Or I should say, I’m cool in it.
If you know what I mean.

and then there’s me and the Mustang, like this …

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  1. Can we see a pic of the silve ford mustang??

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