For 4 weeks, starting Wednesday 10th February, I’m going to lead a group of  people through the powerful and rarely understood technique of “Doing Nothing Meditation.”

Cape Reinga, New ZealandBefore I learned this technique—and it’s no exaggeration to say it changed my life—I’d never heard of a practice where you just sit around “doing nothing.”

But the Doing Nothing Technique isn’t about lying around the house watching TV, it’s about actively doing nothing: removing distractions, like reading talking, or being online.

And just sitting.

Or lying.

When you do nothing, it’s just you and your mind. But the wondrous breakthrough is you come out the other side, being able to know the difference between the two.

A few years ago I was in a pretty bad way, and as a way to heal myself I did this for the best part of a year.

You can read the full story here, but basically, after only a few hours I started to see how my mind trucked along without me. How it said crazy things, but that no matter how gnarly or domineering my thoughts felt, left to themselves, they went away. To be replaced by other thoughts. Sometimes, wondrous thoughts.

I didn’t have to watch them—though I could if I wanted. And I didn’t have to change or ignore them either. I didn’t have to do anything.

It was a key for me to self acceptance, letting go and knowing how to find clarity when things get murky.

How this could change your life

It’s easy to understand intellectually that we aren’t our thoughts. But because they feel like so much a part of us, it’s often hard to see what our mind is really up to.

When you Do Nothing—whether it’s for a few minutes a day or for a few hours—you start to naturally see your thoughts for what they are.

This understanding seeps into your every day life, without you having to do anything.

You see how your mind is more like a computer. Spitting out all manner of things, most unimportant.

It’s easier to be kind to yourself. Thoughts that once seemed ominous, loose their sting. You get to know the bit of you beneath your thoughts. You get ideas. Hunches. About what to do. About what you like or don’t like.

Actively Doing Nothing is a type of meditation. Perfect for people (like me) who struggle with formal meditation.

And you don’t have to do nothing for a long stretch like I did to get the benefits. It’s actually better to add it to your day to day life like we’ll be doing here.

Why Should I take a course on it?

If you’ve ever learned to meditate you’ll know it’s not enough to read about it. It’s the same with The Doing Nothing Technique.

We need to try it. Ask questions. Try it again. Ask more questions.

“Am I doing this right?”

What if my thoughts go crazy?”

“I don’t think this is working. I’m just no good at it.”

As simple as it sounds, the effects can be profound and not always comfortable.

I was fortunate to have someone guide me. I can’t imagine gaining a deep understanding without that initial guidance, and that’s what I’d like to do for you.

Doing Nothing is both harder than you think, and easier …

And has benefits and advantages, not just for the time you spend “doing nothing.”

Firstly, it’s relatively effortless. With formal meditation it can feel like you have to do something: Follow your breath. Say a chant, or whatever. But sometimes we want to do less than this. And as I’ve come to see, often the less we do, the better it is.

Secondly, the philosophy behind “Doing Nothing” is as powerful as it is simple. And when you apply it to day to day life can transform feelings of anger, confusion and hurt feelings to something much more manageable. Depression and anxiety aren’t as scary. You feel more at ease.

Thirdly, you can do it anywhere. You don’t need to pony up thousands of dollars to stay at a retreat center. Just pull your curtains and settle into the couch.

And finally, it can be like putting a rocket launcher underneath you. You feel more motivated. You get creative ideas. You know what to do next.



orange arrow  4 Online group one hour training calls—call in using your phone or computer. All calls will be recorded and emailed to you the following day so if you can’t attend you’ll have the recording to listen to in your own time.

orange arrow  The D.I.Y. Do Nothing Retreat Guidebook – a quirky 20 page ebook with everything you need to know about “doing nothing.”

orange arrow  A Compact Guide to Your Heart and Mind, 10 page ebook.

orange arrow  Membership to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and share your thoughts, hurdles and successes with me and the group.

orange arrow  Four inspirational posters to print out at home—one each week—with the essential teachings of the course.

orange arrow  Personal email support before/after your own do nothing retreat.

orange arrow  Optional: One-hour of personal coaching for an additional $80 (normally $125).


 BONUS: FREE EBOOK – Is Anger Messing Up Your Relationship: A  Screen shot 2016-01-14 at 9.53.53 AMDelightfully Simple 3-Step Guide to Managing Irritability, which uses the doing nothing philosophy.


In this course you’ll learn:

—How to develop a daily practice.
—A no stress approach to seeing your thoughts as just thoughts, separate from you.
— 10 Truths about your mind that make you instantly feel more calm and peaceful.
— How to use doing nothing to get in touch with your wise, calm self.
— The big picture, the four parts of you.
— How to have your own do nothing, change your life retreat.
— How to awaken your capacity for creativity and inspiration.
— How to use doing nothing to heal, from traumas big and small, and why it’s the most effective way.
— How to manage anger so it doesn’t muck up your relationship.

WEEK ONE: The power of doing nothing
WEEK TWO: A compact guide to your heart and mind
WEEK THREE: Overcoming healing, anger and confusion by doing nothing
WEEK FOUR: How to have your own do nothing silent retreat

If you’d like to try your own retreat during the course, or  afterwards, I’ll be available to support you via email (and private coaching if you choose that option).

 Dates and Times

Week 1: Wednesday February 10th, 12pm PST (3pm EST)
Week 2: Wednesday February 17th, 12pm PST (3pm EST)
Week 3: Wednesday February 24th, 12pm PST (3pm EST)
Week 4: Wednesday March 2nd, 12pm PST (3pm EST)

All calls will be recorded. So if you can’t make a session, you won’t miss out.


Personal note

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll recognize that what we’ll cover in this course, goes to the heart of everything I talk about.

It’s impossible for me to overstate the impact this technique has had on my life.

I still have down days (for sure)—but  now I know that it’s only in my head I don’t take it personally and they pass more quickly. Letting go of worrying thoughts is easier. Life feels more fun. And there’s a sense of peace knowing that anytime I feel out of balance or unsure I can just stop and reconnect. That this is the most simple thing in the world. That I don’t need to read more books about how to feel peaceful, or get better at yoga, or try and figure things out. That within me, not very far away at all, is everything I need to guide me.

And as many articles as I’ve written about this simple technique, there’s nothing like hearing someone who really gets it talk about it. Asking questions. Trying it yourself. Drawing on the strength you get from committing to a group like this to actually give it a go.

I’m tickled to finally be teaching this course. I’m excited to see the shifts it could bring about in your life. And I hope you’ll join me.

Please email me if you have any questions.

See you on the other side!

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