The All-Time Best Book on How to Overcome Creative Blocks and Tell Your Inner Critic To Go Jump In A Polluted Lake

For the past month Franco and I have been holed up in Julian writing a book—working title, WHOSE MIND IS IT ANYWAY.

It’s no exaggeration to say we are somewhat over the moon about this.

Book deal with PenguinDo you have something you love to do more than anything?

This is it for me.

But it’s still challenging right? Not just stringing 176 pages together to be printed for all time, or whatever your deal is.

But wrestling with the creative spark. Knowing when to wait. When to push. And when to drive to California’s largest lake/toxic waste dump that is the Salton Sea because you’ve hit a wall (Sunday’s road trip.)

Dead Fish at the Salton SeaaWhat better time to read Steven Pressfield’s, THE WAR OF ART.

A warm, funny and wise kick in the pants for whatever stage of the creative process you’re in.

The best book I’ve come across on how to overcome creative blocks.

(He doesn’t go into dead fish.)

Here’s a favorite passage of mine (there are so many others!)

Steven Pressfield The War of ArtHe talks about Resistance—the sneaky things your mind does to try to stop you.

And offers generous solutions for beating it.

I made a “thank you, Steven,” card.

Steven PressfieldWe left our little mountain town (Julian, CA) yesterday, and are back in LA, organizing our little apartment into a book writing, image creating factory.

I was going to go into detail about what furniture we moved where, but instead, here are some pics of our month stay in the mountains.

Until next week,

With love

Where to start … all the roads into town were amazing. And all were different. This is one:


Here’s anotherIMG_0560

And another …

IMG_0565On a drive into town for stationery supplies we came round the corner and found this.

On the road to El CahonAnd this …

El Cahon, CaliforniaThe view from our beloved deck IMG_0120(Here’s the link to the house we rented, in case you fancy a trip yourself.)

The Anza Borrego Desert was a 30–minute drive away.

IMG_0416Which was 360 beautiful.

IMG_0470With the Salton Sea on the other side.

The Salton Sea, CaliforniaThe Salton Sea is fascinating. If you’re interested in the California water wars and/or ecology and the human condition (think Dr Seuss’s, THE LORAX) check it out.

Those are dead fish. And the wee shells that look like sand are ground up bones of millions of dead fish.

Too grim?

Here are some horses that wandered past every Sunday.

Horses in Julian, CaAnd our two bird friends who visited every day.

They spent the day flapping about the car, trying to get in.

Our bird friends who visited every dayThen there was the day it snowed!!

In California!

Snow!But most of the time we worked.

This is a self portrait Franco took to help him practice perspective drawing.

(Sexy legs, Love.)

Learning to draw perspectiveMy desk!


Action shot of desk.

IMG_9762Thanks for reading this article!


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  1. Debbie says

    I felt as if I were watching fireworks with the sounds I was making (in my head) as I looked at the breathtaking pictures you shared.
    Thank you for sharing,
    PS I have so many people in mind to purchase Steven’s book to give as gifts!

    • I wasn’t sure whether to post photos but it was worth it just to hear your comment! Aren’t they amazing though. Some look like we’ve used a filter, but they’re all straight up. We were at 4400 feet, perhaps that had something to do with it! Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you!

  2. I love the simplicity, serenity and peace that come out from your article! Thank you for the sharing and thank you for all this positive energy! I hope everything will continue going as you wish 🙂

  3. Wonderful! I look forward to hearing from you every week and this post certainly did not disappoint.
    Thanks. You two look great together. And yes….very sexy legs. mary

    • Thanks Mary! My writing emails/blog posts every week is a new thing, but so far so good. Nice to hear your thoughts about getting them:) It means I get to post things like photos and legs and the like!

  4. Helene says

    Dear Lisa,

    I teach art and crafts as a wellness tool for clients living with a mental illness. I am so pleased to hear about your latest project/book. Great pictures and photos. A big hello to Franco too.

    • Helene, a big hello from us too! Great to hear of your work, art and creativity is such a grounding and healing thing, isn’t it. I’m sure you come across people all the time who think they aren’t creative, only to realize, after your class, that they are. Thanks so much for your interest. I really appreciate it. And if there’s any way i can contribute to what you do, please let me know!

  5. What a lovely post! Thank you … I am excited about your book! Your thank you note to Steven is marvelous! I am sorry that I was not able to carve out enough time to get up to Julian while you were there. Perhaps the next time you are in the area. The photos are grand.

    A story my dad told me about the rock covered hills, on the way up to Julian … your photo reminded me. I asked, as a five year old, why there were rocks all over those hills! My father responded that, “many, many years ago, when the indians lived in those hills, there were two tribes that got into an argument over which hill was whose. After much discussion, they began throwing rocks at each other … (hence the rocks strewn all about) … after much time they were all exhausted. The two tribes, so very tired, decided to stop … They joined together, made a huge feast and decided t share the hills. They left the rocks there to remind them of the futility of fighting.” That is all … Have a most lovely day. Please keep posing your amazing work! Be well, love and light to you and your husband! xo

    • I’d love to meet you next time. Franco and I have plans to travel about more so I’m sure we’ll be down that way again. Was tough to leave, actually. It really is a remarkable area. We were driving along at one point thinking of you, coming up every weekend to visit family, and what a great place to do that in.

      Great story your Dad told you. And cute thinking of a you at five asking about the rocks. If only humans did that more often!

      Have a lovely day yourself. And thanks again for saying hi!

  6. Candice says

    Thanks for sharing yours and Franco’s time at that gorgeous place – hope you enjoyed 🙂

  7. Tatiana says

    I like the view from your deck, Lisa!

    • Isn’t it amazing. Some days there was a cold wind and we’d still be sitting out there rugged up soaking it up! It’s a beautiful country.

  8. Getting every week something different from your side is like charging up again to fullest level.
    Always wait for your blogs.
    Thanks for sharing the amazing pics:-)

  9. Hi Lisa! Every time I read any of your articles or posts, I remember how beautiful and encouraging can honesty and simplicity be. You really stand out of the crowd!
    Thank you!!!!

  10. Congrats on the book. That sounds fabulous!

    Have you seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk about creativity and writer’s block? I found it extremely good:

    Happy writing!

    • Thanks Henneke! Hopefully it will be fabulous, at the moment it’s pages stuck up all around our lounge! I have seen Elizabeth Gilberts TED talk. Fantastic isn’t it. Am looking forward to reading her latest book on creativity. Thanks so much for stopping by. And also for your weekly blog posts – very inspiring – not just your content but how you do it. (For anyone reading this, Henneke has a fantastic blog about writing a business blog – but it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. I can’t recommend it highly enough!) Happy writing to you, too!

  11. mary frost/billings says

    I was surfing the web in hopes of distracting myself from my negative thoughts and discovered your web-site:) THANK YOU!
    I’ve a feeling I’ll be reading a lot of your stuff
    I’m an rn with psyche background.on a 3 year hiatus r/t work stress.
    I love the way you think!

    • Hi Mary!
      Happy to be the recipient of your online wanderings! Did you get a copy of my free book? There’s a link on the right. Thanks so much for taking the time to say, hi. Much appreciated:)
      Lisa XX

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