Reach Your BIG CALM: 52 Powerful Messages to Quiet Your Mind


These cards are brilliant for helping with everyday concerns and letting go of unhelpful mind talk! Enjoy and feel the power of your own personal meditation within each card. (For orders outside of US please order through Amazon)



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This enlightening 52–card deck lets you easily connect with the peace beneath your thoughts. Each card contains an inspiring word, an evocative image, and a key message.

These simple, powerful insights give you a new way of looking at your circumstances and make it easier to let go of fearful, resentful or critical thoughts. You’ll be calmer, happier, and more self-assured!

What people say …

“These cards will save your ass when you’re having a bad day – snap you out of your drama and pull you back into reality.”
Jen Sincero, NYT best selling author of “You Are a Badass.”

“They have really, really, really helped me. They seem almost magical the way they give me the exact thing I need to hear at the moment. Thank you!” Jan

“Your cards have help get me through some incredible life challenges over the last 2 years. Thank You. I am hugely in your debt.”
“I love love love my cards!” —Jessie, Ontario

“I really like the cards. They slow me down & help me to focus & not feel guilty about not doing enough. I end up getting more done!”
Steve, Texas

“I have been loving your cards so much. A friend came to stay in our whare (house) last week as she was having boyfriend trouble and needed some space. I took her some kai, a hot water bottle and your cards. And she loved them too! Found them really helpful.” 
—Lisa, Wanaka, New Zealand

“Lisa is the expert at just being she knows how to just rest and connect with her guides and be in a place of magic and silence … to be able to embrace that idea, that energy everyday and be reminded of that is such a gift.”
Jeannie Thomma, Artrepreneur Coach & Artist.

Joan SIlva “My pen friend and I use your cards almost every Friday as we write. We pull a card and then write. It’s our inspiration and guidance. Oh, and the cards are hers which she excitedly bought after seeing mine!”
Joan Silva Business Makeover Strategist


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Using the insights she used to transform her own life, including the better part of a year of silence in a mining village in a rain forest in New Zealand, Lisa shows people how to find their calm within.

Lisa is the co-author of WHOSE MIND IS IT ANYWAY? GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR LIFE (June 2016, Penguin Random House). Her ebook 7 Secrets Your Mind Doesn’t Want You to Know, has been downloaded over 10,000 times and has been called “awesome” and “a little bit funny” by some people.


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52, plus an instruction card


ISBN-13: 978-0692274514


Joyland Media (April 2015)

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