Feeling Tight? Stuck? Lacking in Energy? Try This …

Ever feel like you’re running on empty?

Or lacking in energy?

Or that everything you do makes you more tired?

I used to feel that way before I realized that when I ran my life based on what my mind wanted I felt drained and exhausted.

But on the days that I could put a bit more space around my thoughts I felt energized. It was less about what I was doing and more about how was doing it.

endlessenergy400aHow do you let the rhythm of your day find you?

By stopping.

Even just for a minute. Or 5 minutes.

Don’t take what your mind says you have to do as gospel. Put some space around it.

Then see how things look.

Try it!

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  1. Lina DiFelice says:

    God Morning Lisa:

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I find myself in Florida, but it’s only 55 degrees … far cry from my home in Toronto .. -10 degrees! There is always a blessing in everything!
    I tried to access your book for Lazy People and I was unsuccessful. Is there any way you can guide me through this process?
    Much Thanks


    • Good morning Lina!

      I’ll send the link to you directly. If you’re already receive weekly emails from me, it won’t let you sign up again. That reminds me, I was going to send it out to everyone again because you’re not the first person to ask this!

      Enjoy the “warm.” We’re about to head to Massachusetts for a week, so I’m trying to find every shred of warm clothing I have, plus some borrowed items. After four years in LA I am now well unprepared for any real weather. I was hoping it was going to snow this week, fingers crossed!


  2. Marjorie Bellingham says:

    Hi Lisa,

    i do cannot access the book as i already receive your emails. i would appreciate a direct link sent to my address. thanks so much.

  3. HI Lisa, Thank you … thank you for this post and your beautiful energy that improves the energy on our beautiful planet. That is it, that is all … thank you! With love, Sarah xo

  4. Wonderful! I regain amazing focus and clarity when I stop. I realise my head is making too much noise. But when I stop, the inner peace begins to come up!

    Please email me the book as well. Thank you.

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