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3years2h 3years2e13years2kPPS: If you don’t “Instagram” but would like to receive the inspirational posters, say by email, let me know below. I’ll send them via email once a week if enough people are interested.

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  1. Sioned-Mair Richards says

    Posters by email? Yes please!

  2. Jann Stauffacher says

    Hi Lisa,
    So excited for you and your new book… I for one will buy a copy. You have been so generous
    with your helpful insights you deserve to get some cash too! I’ve been hemorrhaging money lately but by the time your book come out I should be solvent again.
    Thank you for sharing your news and stay clear of Mountain lions and Rattle Snakes … we need YOU!
    Be well mon ami,
    Jann xx

    • Thanks Jann:) I can’t wait to share it. And thanks for the good vibes re the snakes and lions. Back in New Zealand I feel pretty savvy in the wild, but here, yeoww. I have no clue. Though I now know (after reading some signs) that you shouldn’t run if you see a lion, and to pick up any children you might be traveling with. Sounds like sensible advice! Thanks for saying hi!

  3. Jann Stauffacher says

    P.S. Emails please. TY again! xx

  4. Way to go!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

  5. Judy Meyers says

    Posters and anything else by email, please and thanks!
    Looking forward to you new book!

  6. Yes, please! I have the older version of the cards and I love everything you do!! (Please give a honk if you drive through my hometown of Ramona after you leave Julian.)
    Lots of ❀️

    • I will absolutely give a toot! We’ve been here for 3 weeks and have popped into Ramona a few times (and driven past a few more as we’ve had to duck back to LA a few times). What a cute little town. Gosh people are friendly here:) Cool to think of you growing up here. Thanks for your kind words too!

  7. Emma-louise says

    Love to receive these Lisa – your writing makes me smile. UK Fan

  8. I’d take the posters by e mail too πŸ™‚

  9. Yes!!! Please email! I can’t wait for your book! xoxo

  10. E-mails, pls … good luck to both of you with your new book … looking forward to reading it.
    Love&Hugs Jana

  11. Love to receive posters and all by e-mail.

  12. I would love to canoodle with your emails!

  13. I would also love the email posters! Your words and drawings always make me stop and breathe, and then smile…can never get enough of that!

    • Oh, and hope you and Franco have a lovely time in Julian with your drawings and walks and apple pie!

      • Thank you for the warm wishes! And oh, the apple pie. We’re both gluten free but as luck would have it the best little cafe in town is fair stocked with delicious gluten free pie. Thanks again for your notes:)

  14. Posters by email! Yes please! Yay!

    • πŸ™‚ Done! Though, it’s just occurred to me that I call them posters, but they’re little ones, you know. Ha. Anyway, be happy to send them.

  15. Hi Lisa,
    Emails for me.

  16. Would be great to receive your posters by email! Hope you both enjoy writing/drawing the book, and can’t wait to get a copy. You spread so much light.

  17. Margaret says

    I would like to get anything you are happy to share via email. Thank you! Lovely place, that Julian!

  18. Hi Lisa –

    Email please! I have an instagram account but it’s often wonky and doesn’t work well. Sometime I’ll tell you how much 7 Secrets has impacted my life. And since I’m 70, I’d say it’s about high time! Will be purchasing your Big Calm cards later today and can’t wait for your new book! Hugs to you and Franco!

    • Hugs back at you! I’m intrigued and delighted to hear that “7 Secrets” impacted your life. Wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to say hi today:)

  19. Yes, please. Thank you. I look forwqrd to your New book.

  20. Emails for me too, please! x

  21. I don’t instagram, so I hope there are lots of peeps that want your posts πŸ™‚

    • Me too! So far I get the feeling that enough people would like to receive by email, but if anyone else has a preference, do let me know here. I’m always afraid of over emailing. Thanks Deana:)

  22. Me too! So far I get the feeling that enough people would like to receive by email, but if anyone else has a preference, do let me know here. I’m always afraid of over emailing. Thanks Deana:)

  23. Yes please. E mail posters for me too!

  24. email please! Thanks & have a GREAT time! πŸ™‚

  25. I’d like e-mails too please. Thanks for all of your inspiration – it is much appreciated.

  26. Would really appreciate the emails. Can I just say what a wonderful person you are Lisa, you deserve the best of everything. Keep doing what you are doing and I know your book is going to be brilliant.

  27. Emails – Yes !!!!

  28. Way to go girl. Delighted for you. Well done and we’ll deserved!!! A great book already, so love it, another customer here. Would love posters also, thanks. Happy writing and drawing guys, safe walking πŸ™‚


    • Hi Caroline! And yes, safe walking, thank you! It’s so beautiful here, the forests are different to NZ forests (of course), an intriguing delight for me. A fire wiped out most of the forest a decade or so ago, so there’s lots of regrowth. Amazing mother nature!

  29. Email posters please and keep on the list to notify when your book is ready.
    What an awesome addition to our world it will be! Thank you to both of you for sharing yourselves with us.

  30. Hi Lisa,

    I cannot wait for yours and Franco’s book πŸ™‚
    Please send me inspirational posters via email!

    Thank you,

  31. Hi Lisa, posters by email sound great! Please include me…

  32. Rob Pittman says

    Posters by email? Please sign me up, Lisa!

    Looking forward to reading your book!


  33. Sign me up! Email would be superb.

  34. Cindy Griggs says

    Congrats on the new book! Enjoy the experience! I would also like to receive posters in my email.

  35. “7 secrets” helped so much! Keep the mojo flowing and sign me up for emails!!
    Good luck πŸ™‚

    • That’s fabulous to hear, Rachael. It’s had a life of its own that book. Started off as a 3 page article and kept growing until it was done. Guess it was meant to be! Thanks so much for saying hi:)

  36. Lisa, your posts keep me going ! Congratulations of the the book and yes I would love to see you in my in-box πŸ™‚

  37. Nancye Pitt says

    Hi Lisa
    I would like to receive the emails please. Great to see you are progressing so well x

    • Hi Nancye! Lovely to hear from you. I’ll see if you’re on my email list, and if not I’ll add you to it. I miss our meetings in Ashburton! Hope all is well:)

  38. samsara says

    Posters by email please..and thank you πŸ™‚

  39. Congratulations Lisa how exciting! I would love to receive by email please..

  40. Yes, emails for me too please!

  41. ramachandrasekaran says

    some 2 days back only i was thinking no mails from lisa for so long .
    Now it has arrived.thank u.

  42. Emails for me too please.
    Was wondering where you were, and now I know.
    So pleased for you both. Enjoy.

  43. Albert Wijaya says

    yes.. me too.. email as well.. =)

    Thank you..

  44. Would love your posters by email! When an email from you pops up, it’s like a lovely bouquet of wildflowers amongst a bunch of dead grass. Thank you for you.

  45. Ria Roegiers says

    This must sound boring by now but yes, please e-mail whatever you are willing to share with us!
    ps: when I saw your e-mail, I thought for a second that you were going to announce that you are pregnant; but a book is also a baby I guess …:)

    • Ha ha, yes, no baby. Just, as you say, a book baby! And it’s not boring at all to hear you’d like to receive emails. Wonderful, in fact. Thanks for taking the time to let me know:)

  46. Caroline Sprotte says

    I want it, please! The things you write help a lot, thank you :DD

  47. Congratulations on your book deal.

    I too would be interested in e-cards. I don’t do that instagram thing.

  48. Meridiana says

    Me too please.

  49. Count me in too please Lisa for the posters by email (as I don’t have Instagram). Thanks very much! πŸ™‚ x

  50. Def interested in weekly inspiration — in any form. Love your stuff! πŸ™‚ thank you! Katie

  51. Ms O'Kane says

    Lisa – Yes please, I’d very much like to be able to receive your posts via email. Thank you.

  52. Hi Lisa!
    Congrats on the book project!
    Can I please receive the posters by email too?
    Thanks a lot!!! πŸ™‚

  53. Karen Burton says

    I would also love to receive posters via email. LOVE your writings and drawings!

  54. Thanks to you, I’m spending more time in my happy zone.

    Emails would rock

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