Interview: What’s There When You Stop Moving

I had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by my dear colleague and friend Dr Amy Johnson. We talk about the power of doing nothing, my year of silence, and seeing your mind in a compassionate light really helps. Amy is always the first person I recommend to anyone wanting to find more peace and calm, […]

The Saner Alternative to Trying to Change Your Thoughts [Excerpt]

[Excerpt from Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life.] * * * I was talking to a friend the other day who said, you know, it’s so powerful knowing that I am actually calm. I completely agree. One of the reasons I like it, is because it means […]

Don’t Be Fooled By Your Controlling Mind: Save Your Life and Your Relationships [Excerpt]

You know your mind is controlling, right? It’ll lead you round the mulberry bush following a dream that isn’t yours. Make you bossy and annoying to be around. And it’s the reason we never feel like we’re good enough. It’s the mind’s nature to be controlling. There’s nothing wrong with it. But boy it can […]

Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Book Trailer

Look what Franco and I just finished! A 2 minute animated video for our book, A.K.A. why we haven’t left the apartment in three weeks. More info at our new, Franco and Lisa website. We hope you enjoy it! Lisa and Franco PS: Do you have a favorite scene? I’m torn between the heart’s entrance […]

[Santa Monica Workshop] How to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom for Clarity, Better Relationships and Calm

It’s a fuzzy thing, right? Wisdom. Intuition. Hunches. Following your heart. I mean, how do you do it? How do you tell the difference between your mind and your inner wisdom? And what do you do if your mind never shuts up long enough to hear your inner wisdom? If these sound like questions you’d […]

On the Nature of Death, Insecurity and Your Magnificent Wholeness

Have you ever looked at a forest and noticed how perfect it all is? How all the plants naturally fit together. Some are big, others are scraggly; some are dead, others are young. Some grow slowly others grow quickly. It’s like a genius interior decorator has matched it perfectly. Which is what has happened. None […]

The Pleasant/Unpleasant Rule: Use This to Cultivate A Sense of Ease When Things Seem Bad

I bet you do this. You win an award and you think, this is good. Or you get the biggest slice of cake and you sit back and think, this is so good. And when something untoward happens, like you get sick or your boyfriend dumps you or there’s no cake left, you label it […]

Freedom is Knowing We’re Not Responsible For Other People’s Feelings

Do you do that thing where you put other people’s needs ahead of your own? Do you sometimes think you’re responsible for other people’s feelings? I do. I mean did. I mean, I still do but not as much. And I get it. Human beings are social creatures. We’re hard wired to care what others […]

How to Break Bad Habits: Q&A Call with Dr Amy Johnson

Yesterday, Dr Amy Johnson and I hosted a question and answer session on  how to break bad habits.  We did this because a few weeks ago Amy and I talked about talked about her latest book The Little Book of Big Change: The No Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit. We talked about: Why traditional […]

“Why should I take a “Do nothing meditation course” rather than just “do nothing” on my own?”

In a couple of weeks I’ll be guiding a 4—week online Do Nothing Meditation course. Yesterday I received an emailed that said,  I’m interested, but I’m afraid it will be another “to do” for me. Why should a “doer” like me take your course rather than just “do nothing” on my own instead?” Which is […]

Feeling Tight? Stuck? Lacking in Energy? Try This …

Ever feel like you’re running on empty? Or lacking in energy? Or that everything you do makes you more tired? I used to feel that way before I realized that when I ran my life based on what my mind wanted I felt drained and exhausted. But on the days that I could put a […]